Minutes, Regular Board Meeting – Saturday, May 28, 2022

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present — Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent — Leonard Dahl, Tim Jenning

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:05 a.m.


Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts:

             Regular checking account total: $55,880.45

             Mailbox account:                       $2,229.02

             Certificate of deposit:                 $66,464


Wood Chipping (wildfire threat reduction) — Dean said we received $4000 from the County for 2022 for chipping woody debris.  This process went well; great participation by owners.  Final cost of project: $4750, with $4000 coming from the County, $750 from OWW1 POA.


Road Conditions — Bart said that there are some potholes that need to be patched, but no contractor is willing to do this small amount of work, especially considering the shortage in the labor market.  Bart may buy some materials and hand equipment to do the work himself this summer.  Also, some shoulders are getting degraded due to large trucks driving on the edge of pavement.  Again, any repairs are too small at this time to contract.  We will wait until our next general road-paving project to add this work to address those repairs.

Payment Portal — Dean explained various options to allow owners to make payments electronically, along with the costs of each option.  The Board decided to have Dean share this information at the upcoming Annual Meeting in August and solicit feedback from our members.

Doug asked if we can switch to emailing invoices, annual notices, etc. as an option.  Dean will look into this option and the Board decided to again solicit feedback from our members at the Annual Meeting.


Bart noted that the sign board at Severs and Big River Drive was down.  Dean noted that the sign has no cover, making it difficult to safely post information.  Dean will bring it up at the Annual Meeting, to discuss whether to repair or eliminate the sign.

Doug noted increasing complaints from owners regarding short-term renters and/or B&B’s.  Dean noted that the Board has no authority to address this type of problem.  Again, this issue was suggested to be raised at the Annual Meeting.

Bart received a complaint/sugggestion to ask the Water District to thin vegetation along South Century Drive where deer and elk cross as a fire and driving safety action.  Dean noted that the area may be near a stream which would prevent thinning from being done there.  This too will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary