Notices & Minutes

Minutes, Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Meeting was held at:

LaPine Fire Station

55785 South Century Drive

Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present — Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Tim Jenning

Board Member Absent — Leonard Dahl


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 9:02 a.m.



Dean Drabin Provided a summary of our accounts:

               Regular checking account total: $55569.04

               Mailbox account:                         $2,275.02

              Certificate of deposit:                 $66,525.08


PPL — Budget expenditures last year:

            $7600 — New mailbox structure

            $4750 — Chipping, but $4000 was covered by grant; net cost to OWW1 was $750

            $4600 — Snow removal




Dean noted that last winter was on the light side in terms of snowfall.  There was no berm-removal service at our driveways due to staffing shortages at the snow removal contractor.


Bart Gernhart restated that we completed a crack-seal project during the summer of 2020, at a cost of $14,000.  He also noted that we did not have any contract work done last year.  There are a couple of areas of pavement distress near the shoulders, primarily due to heavy trucks and equipment around construction sites.  We also had a couple of potholes.  Bart noted it is difficult to get a contractor to even look at such a small amount of repair work.  Earlier this summer, Bart volunteered to personally reair the holes if the Board covered the cost of materials and a couple of tools.  The Board agreed to cover these costs.  Bart completed those repairts and will continue to perform minor road repairs.

Bart then raised the issue of rising oil (asphalt) prices that mirror current gas prices, along with a shortage, and therefore, increasing cost, of labor for paving projects.  As a result, he predicted that the cost of our future chip seal (two to three years from now) will in all likelihood be substantially higher than the amount of savings we are currently accumulating.  It is hard to tell where the oil and labor market will be in the future, but it might be prudent to increase annual dues now, so that the money for the project will be there when it is time to do the repaving.  Among those present there was general agreement that it would be best to increase the dues pre-emptively, so as to avoid being short when the money is needed for the project.  Based on this feedback, Dean and Bart said that the Board will take this issue up at the next board meeting.


Someone noted that the drainage ditches around Heierman Drive need to be cleared to prevent flooding.  Al Zupo stated that they had been done years ago, but it was consensus that they needed more work now  Dean stated that the Board will take a look at it and make a decision on what to do at the next board meeting.


Bart noted that some of the roads south of South Century Drive (Casper and Heierman) will need to be widened eventually as new home construction continues in that area.  This will be most cost effective if the work is done as part of our future chip seal project—which, incidentally, will be another factor in the increasing cost of the project.



Dean noted that the cost of this year’s chipper service was $4750, but since he acquired a County grant of $4000, OWW1 only had to pay $750.  We had very good participation this year, and our plan is to continue to pursue grants for this type of fire protection work.  Someone asked how much brush is too much for the chipping project.  Dean noted that there is no limit.


Dean also noted some fire prevention measures he has learned in dealing with various agencies:

         Do not use wood chips in the first five feet around the house; river rock or something similarly non-combustible is a better solution.

         Continue to thin and limb trees within the area out to thirty feet from the home.  If that has been accomplished, work to increase that zone out to 100 feet (or, ideally, the roadside.)

         Bitterbrush and juniper bushes are particularly bad to have near the home, because of their flammable properties.

         Someone stated concerns about the need for thinning of USFS property abutting our HOA.  Dean noted that the USFS addresses these issues according to their own schedules and priorities, and therefore our HOA does not have much influence.

         Someone asked if individual property owners can get work done under grants from other agencies; Dean suggested that they contact the Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC), as they do have funded programs for low-income owners and seniors.


Someone noted that the mailboxes on South Century are a dumping ground and asked if we could do anything about it.  Dean said that there was not much we could do, aside from asking people to refrain from leaving things there.  Someone asked if we can get rid of the old, non-locking mailboxes.  Dean and Doug Patterson noted that we cannot legally remove them, as they are technically Federal property.



PAYMENT PORTAL — Dean explained various options to allow owners to make annual dues payments electronically, along with the costs of each option:

      First Interstate will administer the service, at a yearly cost of $119 to the HOA

      Members can continue to pay by check at no charge.

      If members pay by debit card, the HOA will be charged a fee of 1.75%, plus 25 cents for each transaction.

      If members pay by credit card, they will be charged a fee of 3.5% of their bill as a transaction fee (example: a $100 fee will result in a total charge of $103.50.)

Dean asked for input: general consenus was to go ahead and implement the change.



Dean said he bought and installed several speed signs (15 mph.)  He noted that he is not sure they are effective.  Someone asked if we could get the speed lowered on South Century Drive.  Bart noted that it is a County road and they follow the national standard for determoining speed limits.  Therefore it is not likely they will lower the speed limit permanently, but maybe they could do so near the Big River boat ramp and bridge area, during the high volume summer months when peple tend to park on the shoulders.  Dean and Bart said they will call the County to discuss.



Someone raised the issue of short-term rentals, such as Air B&Bs.  Dean noted the Board has no authority to regulate them.  He also noted that the County has very limited authority to regulate these properties.  He did suggest that if you hear a major problem, you should feel free to contact the County Sheriff.  Al Zupo also suggested that if there is an out-of-control party at an Air B&B, you can contact Air B&B directly.



Dean noted that they have been out there, doing control work (spraying.)  Someone noted that they had called 4 Rivers Vector, but that no one had shown up.  Dean suggested that they may have been experiencing staffing shortages, like so many other entities, this year.  On the other hand, several people noted that they felt the workers were out there, and doing a very good job of spraying.



Someone asked Dean for an update on the sewer system plan.  Dean noted that there was currently no progress being made, that the original estimate of $3.8 million for the project would have resulted in an unacceptable charge oof $250 per month for each owner, and that even the tentative funding for the project disappeared when the pandemic hit.  He said that years in the future, sufficient funding might become available to make the project feasible, but for now, the money is simply not there.



Elections were held for two board positions.  Dean Drabin was re-elected to serve another three-year term; Andra Smith was elected to serve her first three-year term.


Meeting adjourned at 10:08 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary









9:00 A.M.


Location: La Pine Fire District Building

55785 South Century Drive


Refreshments Will Be Provided




Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present — Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent — Leonard Dahl, Tim Jenning


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:05 a.m.



Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts:

             Regular checking account total: $55,880.45

             Mailbox account:                       $2,229.02

             Certificate of deposit:                 $66,464



Wood Chipping (wildfire threat reduction) — Dean said we received $4000 from the County for 2022 for chipping woody debris.  This process went well; great participation by owners.  Final cost of project: $4750, with $4000 coming from the County, $750 from OWW1 POA.



Road Conditions — Bart said that there are some potholes that need to be patched, but no contractor is willing to do this small amount of work, especially considering the shortage in the labor market.  Bart may buy some materials and hand equipment to do the work himself this summer.  Also, some shoulders are getting degraded due to large trucks driving on the edge of pavement.  Again, any repairs are too small at this time to contract.  We will wait until our next general road-paving project to add this work to address those repairs.

Payment Portal — Dean explained various options to allow owners to make payments electronically, along with the costs of each option.  The Board decided to have Dean share this information at the upcoming Annual Meeting in August and solicit feedback from our members.

Doug asked if we can switch to emailing invoices, annual notices, etc. as an option.  Dean will look into this option and the Board decided to again solicit feedback from our members at the Annual Meeting.



Bart noted that the sign board at Severs and Big River Drive was down.  Dean noted that the sign has no cover, making it difficult to safely post information.  Dean will bring it up at the Annual Meeting, to discuss whether to repair or eliminate the sign.

Doug noted increasing complaints from owners regarding short-term renters and/or B&B’s.  Dean noted that the Board has no authority to address this type of problem.  Again, this issue was suggested to be raised at the Annual Meeting.

Bart received a complaint/sugggestion to ask the Water District to thin vegetation along South Century Drive where deer and elk cross as a fire and driving safety action.  Dean noted that the area may be near a stream which would prevent thinning from being done there.  This too will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary






Because of an acute labor shortage in this region, our snow-plowing contractor is having difficulty maintaining sufficient staff to fully man all of their snow equipment.  They will be going all-out in the coming months to recruit new drivers in order to remedy the situation, but in the meantime, they are asking for our patience, as they will be operating this season with short-handed crews.


Conditions triggering snow-plowing will continue to be the same: 4 to 6 inches on the roads, with additional attention being paid when the snow becomes slushy and makes traction difficult.


On the other hand, the current circumstance makes it difficult to guarantee that berms created by the plows and blocking the driveways will be subsequently removed by their crews (although if they can muster the manpower to do so they will) ––therefore, at this time residents may have to be prepared to remove the berms, themselves.


With regard to trashcan placement: on nights before trash pickup when snow-plowing is being conducted, please do not leave cans in the roadway, as they might get knocked over.  Probably the best solution is to place them on roadside berms where the garbage trucks can still reach them as they drive by, without the cans obstructing the plows.

Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Tim Jenning

Board Members Absent—Leonard Dahl


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:07 a.m.



Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts;

            Regular checking account total: $56,822

             Mailbox account:                         $1894

              Certificate of deposit:               $66,464



Wood chipping (wildfire reduction)—Dean said we will be getting $4000 from the County for 2022 for a sweat-equity, chipping project next spring.  Residents should not start placing any woody debris along the roadway until the spring, as it will impede snowplowing operations this winter.

Speed Limit Signs—The Board unanimously approved Dean purchasing materials to install up to 6 more speed limit signs on various roads within OWW1.



Snow Plowing—Dean noted we had two complaints last year, one regarding the method of removing berms from driveways, and another regarding garbage cans getting knocked over by the plows.  It was discussed that during significant snow events, the first plowing is typically done with a large motor grader, which will leave a berm.  Subsequently, a smaller plow will be used to come back and remove the driveway berms as a large motor grader is not nimble enough to do so.

As for garbage cans being knocked over, if a snow storm happens the night before and the day of a garbage pick-up, then the cans will probably be in the way of the plows unless they are placed on the berm next to the driveway.  Attention must be paid to this placement, though, as improper positioning can cause problems for the garbage collector’s robotic lift.  In any case, the cans should not be left out in the roadway, where it will be likely that they will be knocked over by the road grader.

Mailboxes—Dean noted that the new mailbox on South Century needs a bulletin board and solar lights similar to those at the adjacent mailbox structure.  The Board unanimously approved for Dean to purchase the bulletin board and solar lights for the new structure.


Meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


Minutes, Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Location: LaPine Fire Station

55785 South Century

Bend, 97707

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart and Tim Jenning

Board Members Absent—Leonard Dahl and Doug Patterson


Quorum Present?

Yes—70 needed for quorum; present and proxies totaled 87.


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 9:13 a.m.



The annual profit and loss sheet along with the agenda were provided at the check-in desk.

Dean Drabin provided an update of our present accounts as follows:

            Regular Checking Account Total: $50,822.03

            Mailbox Account                            $1523.01

            Certificate of Deposit:                  $66,464.08



Chipping Service

Dean Drabin provided a summary of the chipping service we had this year.  The total cost of the service was $3200.  OWW1’s share of the cost, after a County grant of $2000, was only $1,200.  The amount of debris chipped was the most ever.  This is an important activity for us as it significantly reduces the risk of fire for the whole area.  Dean also noted that we hope to do something similar next year.



Bart Gernhart provided an update on our roads.  We had 4 miles of roads crack-sealed this past summer at a cost of $14,000 by 7 Peaks Asphalt Restoration.  The work done was not perfect, but was satisfactory.  We are still a few years away from needing to do a major chip seal re-pavement on our roads.  The plan is to get estimates for both a regular chip seal, and a less expensive otta seal (the method employed last time.)  We plan to share the cost differences with the community, and then make a decision on which product to apply—assuming estimates for both products are available.

We currently have a couple of small pot holes and areas where the shoulders are deteriorating.  There was not enough work, however, for a contractor to come out and repair these this year.  We will reassess our roads next spring and determine if there will be enough work to hire a contractor at that time.  It was reminded that we did not do any road repairs in 2020.

Bart also noted that our increase in annual fees to $100 per year per lot was intended to cover increases in costs for the next major chip seal.  The Board decided that it was better to slowly increase our savings to cover the future cost than to have to suddenly boost the fees by a lot when the time for repaving arrives.



Dean Drabin noted that there has been a lot of new construction in our community, and that now we have approximately 200 residences and 30 large storage structures out of a total of 355 lots.

Dean also mentioned that there have been a number of delivered packages stolen from front porches, and that residents should exercise caution when anticipating deliveries.

Speed Signs and Speed Bumps

Dean said that we have had speed signs up for quite some time.  He noted that they are not legally enforceable, but as they may have contributed to drivers slowing somewhat, the Board may consider installing a few more.  Someone suggested that we install speed bumps.  It was then noted that OWW2 had installed speed bumps, but had been forced to pay to have them removed within a year, due to residents’ complaints, as well as problems with snow plowing.  The consensus was that with at least as many opposed as in favor, it was not worth pursuing the idea.

Unsightly Lots and Other Issues

Someone complained about the condition of lots on Hen Lane, as well as at Gross and South Century.  Dean noted that OWW1 has no enforcement power in such cases.  He suggested that if someone is breaking the law or a County code, then people should contact the County, to file a complaint.  If it seems to be a public health or environmental concern, then they should contact DEQ.

He restated that OWW! cannot enforce restrictions.  If we had a big issue with someone, the most we could do is hire a lawyer and try to sue, which would be very expensive and by no means be guaranteed successful.  One of the attendees also suggested contacting County Code Enforcement section.

Carol raised hunting safety as an ongoing issue of concern along the river.  She noted that some hunters are indiscriminately shooting along the river and endangering hikers, as well as residents around their homes—in fact actually hitting the homes in some instances.  Carol passed out contact information, in an effort to raise awareness of the issue.

Someone stated that because there are more new homes our water pressure has been significantly reduced.  Dean suggested that they contact Water Wonderland Improvement District to discuss the issue.

Someone noted that during the chipping project a few piles of debris were overlooked by the contractor.  Dean replied that he would remind future contractors to make sure they catch every pile.

Dean also noted that if snow plowing operations damage your driveway, if you report this they will repair it.

Someone said that the snowplow caused a berm of snow and ice to block their driveway.  Dean responded that the contractor is responsible for removing berms in front of all driveways.  They usually use a big machine (like a grader) to clear the roads, and then come back some time later with a smaller plow to clear the driveway entrances.  This can take as long as an hour or two after the roads are plowed to be accomplished.  If your berm is there for much longer than that, contact the contractor, Vic Russell Construction.

Someone asked how people can build homes on Heierman as there is a lot of high water there.  Dean suggested that over the years improved septic design may be making many of those lots buildable, leading the County to now issue permits where they weren’t available before.

Someone mentioned that some residents are not paying their dues.  Dean noted that it has been an ongoing problem, but that the situation frequently gets resolved—with additional late fees being paid—when those properties are sold, since no escrow can close with an outstanding lien (ours) against it.  In fact, the only time the outstanding fees are not collectable, is when the property is foreclosed—but these days, with the real estate market being what it is, such occurrences are rare.


Dean noted that we have a new mailbox structure near our old one.  Because of new construction, we ran out of vacant mailboxes and needed to provide more.  There are 23 new boxes in this new structure, which should suffice until more are needed, at which time we will purchase more boxes to install in the new structure, which has plenty of room to accommodate them.

A question was asked if new homes are required to use the new boxes.  Dean said that it is not a requirement.

Sewer System

Dean provided an update on the potential of OWW2 Sanitary Sewer District to construct a system for OWW1 which would connect with OWW2’s existing system.  Dean noted that tentative financing two years ago, including possible Federal and State loans and grants, had been considered, but that the amounts were inadequate, with the result that there would be a monthly charge of at least $250 for OWW1 residents.  Then the pandemic hit, and even that tentative funding became problematic.  Bottom line is that any sewer project in the near future is unlikely, until more government funding becomes available, and more residences are constructed in our community to spread the costs and lower the monthly charges. 


River Levels

Dean noted that Wickiup Reservoir is at an all time low for this time of year.  He suggested that people remove their boats from the river soon.  Smaller boats may not be a problem for a while, but bigger ones could get stuck in the mud as the river gets lowered.

Mosquito Control

Dean noted that we have not had a big mosquito problem this year, largely do to the efforts of 

4 Rivers Vector.  Nevertheless, he reminded people that if they have a mosquito problem they can call the mosquito control at 541-593-1689.


Dean noted that Board members Bart Gernhart and Doug Patterson’s terms were expiring and we needed to vote to fill their two positions.  In person and mail in ballots were then counted by the Board’s accountant, with the result that both Bart Gernhart and Doug Patterson were re-elected to the Board for another term.


Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent—Tim Jenning, Leonard Dahl


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:01 a.m.



Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts:

            Regular checking account total: $47,731

            Mailbox account:                         $1284

            Certificate of deposit                  $66,403



Mail Boxes—Doug noted the construction of the new mailbox shed on South Century Drive is basically complete.

Road Maintenance—Bart stated that the crack sealing contractor had completed the work.  Bart noted that we have a pothole on Big River, south of South Century Drive, and another spot or two which need some minor attention.  However, it is currently hard to find a contractor willing to mobilize for such a small amount of work.  If we wait until next spring, we may have by then accumulated enough work to get a contractor to come to our neighborhood.

Chipping Project—Dean said that this year’s sweat-equity project (chipping of branches and wood debris) was our most successful, ever.  We had over 100 piles of debris chipped—at least 25% more than any previous event.  The total cost was $3200, less than the $4800 estimate (based on the most recent previous project cost.)  After the County’s $2000 grant, OWW1’s share of the cost was only $1200.  The Board decided to ask owners at our Annual meeting if they wish to continue to contribute in this manner to future sweat-equity projects.



Annual Meeting—Dean noted that our Annual public Board meeting will be held on Saturday, August 7, at the LaPine Fire Station off of South Century Drive.

Dean noted that some people have asked that additional speed signs be installed in our community.  The Board decided to defer this issue to the Annual Board meeting in August.  Dean will also provide a brief update on the status of the sewer project—namely, that the sewer project is dead at this time.

Mowing Shoulders—Dean asked if we should pay Ted Ficker to mow our shoulders (to preserve the road edges) at an estimated cost of $400.  The Board unanimously agreed.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 9097707


Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Leonard Dahl

Board Members Absent—None


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:03 a.m.


Treasurer’s Report:

Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts:

           Regular Checking Account: $49,513

            Mailbox Account:                    $2386

            Certificate of Deposit:          $66,403


Old Business:

Incorporation— Dean Drabin stated that we (OWW, Unit 1) successfully incorporated with a retroactive date of July 1, 2019.  We paid taxes on the interest we gained since that date.

Mailboxes— Doug Patterson noted that we had only 2 vacant mail boxes left.  Dean and Doug will review the number of mailboxes we will need to add, in order to address our future build-out needs.  Doug volunteered to contact contractors and verify the location of the new mailbox structure.

Dean motioned to augment the mailbox fund with $2000 from regular checking to cover the possibility of costs of mailbox construction exceeding what is currently available.  The Board unanimously agreed.  Doug stated he will check in with the Board before proceeding.


Road Maintenance— Bart stated that there was not enough of a need to repair our roads to justify hiring a contractor.  Therefore, we won’t do any maintenance work this year.  He suggested that next year we will probably conduct crack sealing and other work on many of our roads.


Project Wildfire— Dean said he would apply for a chipping grant from the County for next spring.  He noted that funds available for grants have been reduced from previous years, and that if we do receive a grant, it will likely be no more than $2000.  Our last chipping and wood debris removal project cost roughly $4800.  Dean Motioned that the Board make up the difference between the grant to us and the total cost of the project, otherwise we will not be able to participate.

The Board discussed the pros and cons of reducing fire danger for OWW1 and the fairness of using general funds to absorb the costs of doing so.  The Board then voted 4-0 to support paying the additional cost of participating in this project, based on an expected grant of $2000.  Bart Gernhart abstained from voting, stating that he would benefit personally more than most from our participation.

The Board agreed that we would not move forward with a chipping and wood debris removal project unless we receive a substantial grant.  The Board also agreed to bring up the subject of augmenting Project Wildfire grants for any future projects at our Annual meeting next August, in order to get input from our members.

New Business:


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


OWW1 News: August, 2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a number of restrictions on our movements and activities—especially those regarding group assemblies.  As a result, the OWW 1 Board has decided to cancel this year’s annual meeting, instead providing this letter in order to update owners with information which would otherwise have been aired at that meeting.


Treasurer’s Reoport:

As of 5/29, our bank balances are as follows:

             Checking Account: $22311.63

             Mailbox Account:    $2,017.00

             Certificate of Dep:  $66,178.58



Snow Removal:  Approximately $6000 was spent for snowplowing last winter, which was somewhat less than normal, due to light-than-average snowfall.

Road Repairs:  The Board is currently assessing damage to our roads from last winter’s weather, and will have necessary repairs performed, likely late this summer.  Preliminary reports suggest that these repair costs, like the snowplowing expense, should be lower than in previous years.



Unfortunately, the news about a possible sewer link-up with the OWW 2 Sanitary District’s system is not good.  As of now, the project is on indefinite hold because of insufficient funding.  Even before the pandemic outbreak, it was recognized that the combination of grants and low-interest, long-term loans tentatively available would not be enough to complete the project without saddling residents with unacceptably high monthly fees.  Accordingly, additional sources of grant funding were being sought in order to lower those fees, but then the pandemic hit, with all of the attendant financial drains to all government resources, and frankly all bets were off.  Now, not only were additional funding sources no longer an option, but even the original, insufficient amounts tentatively offered could no longer be depended upon.  Bottom line: we will not be able to move forward with a sewer project until a much-improved economy frees up the needed funding, and that could well be years away.


Contact Information:

In order to expedite contacting property owners should the need arise, such as notification of downed trees or damage (or, as in a recent instance, when absentee owners were unaware that their sprinkler system had failed, forcing a shutdown of their water service), we are asking that owners fill out the Contact Information form accompanying their invoice, and return it, along with their annual dues payment, in the provided envelope.  Either an email address, a phone number, or both, can be supplied, which will enable us to avoid the long delays forced by having to resort to snail-mail communication.  In addition, if a sufficiently large contact list can be compiled, it will make it easier for us to rapidly inform our community about coming events or project.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding these and other topics, feel free to email us at; we will respond as quickly as possible.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Meeting was held at Bart Gernhart’s property,

55553 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent—Leonard Dahl


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:04 a.m.


Old Business:

Sewer Project— Dean Drabin said he has met several times with the OWW Unit 2 Sanitary District Board and/or some of its board members.  Due to a lack of sufficient grant funding and in light of the subsequent economic impact due to the pandemic, the OWW Unit 2 Sanitary District Board cannot see a way forward with the design and construction of a sanitary sewer system and connection for OWW Unit 1, and has therefore tabled the matter indefinitely.


Treasurer’s Report:

Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts:

Regular checking account total: $22,311

Mailbox account: $2017

Certificate of deposit: $66,178


New Business:

Mailbox Request:

Dean and Doug shared a request by an owner to move those using the separated, unsecured, mailboxes to our large, locked mailbox facility.  Dean said we can’t forced those owners who use separate boxes to move, and Doug noted we would not have room in our existing facility if all of the owners of the separate boxes decided to switch to that facility.  The Board agreed to offer to those owners the move at the on-going rate of $50 per mailbox.  Depending upon how many people decide to move, we may need to expand our existing mailbox structure.


Road Maintenance:

Dean Suggested that Bart review our roads to determine what if any maintenance work needs to be done this year and then to contact contractors for estimates.  The Board agreed to have Bart do this.


Annual Meeting:

Due to the COVID-19 situation, with its restrictions regarding large group gatherings, the Board discussed options of holding the annual meeting on-line.  Since not all owners have access to t he internet, the Board decided to postpone our annual meeting until 2021.


Board Election:

Bart Gernhart and Doug Patterson have board terms which are due to expire this year, but with the postponement of the annual meeting the Board decided to continue with the present board members until we are able to hold elections at next year’s annual meeting, which will allow for a proper quorum and vote, along with giving owners the best chance to solicit candidates before and during the annual meeting.


Project Wildfire:

Dean mentioned the possibility that there might be government revenue for a fall chipper program, but in subsequent talks with the County Forester, he learned that the funds available were being used for programs which would not apply to our community, so there will not be a chipper program this fall.


Annual Newsletter

The Board reviewed the draft annual newsletter that Dean prepared and approved it


Meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Location:  Dean Drabin’s Residence

                     55520 Big River Drive

                     Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present:  Yes

Board Members Present: Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Leonard Dahl

Board Members Absent: None

Call to Order:  By Dean Drabin, President, at 12:01 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doug Patterson provided the following summary:

                  Regular Checking: $28,280.08

                  Mail Box Account: $1512.31

                  Certificate of Deposit: $66,178.58


Possible Sewer System Update

Dean Drabin provided an update on the survey sent out this past summer asking questions of property owners who presently do not have homes on their property.  The purpose of the survey is to get information regarding the probability of owners building a residence on their property if a sewer system is installed.  This information will help engineers working for the OWW Unit II Sanitary Sewer District to estimate the cost perunit of a potential new sewer system.  In addition, the survey results will be provided with other important information next year at an open meeting for OWW1 owners to help them understand the issues before a possible vote on annexation into the OWW Unit II Sanitary Sewer District.  Dean stated that the latest summary of this informal survey shows a 4:1 ration of owners leaning towards constructing a residence on their vacant property if a sewer is installed.

Stolen Signs:  Dean Drabin restated the problem with several signs being stolen.  This issue was raised at the annual meeting in August.  The Board discussed replacing the stolen signs.  The Board unanimously agreed to replace the 15 mph Speed, and the Slow Down, Children Playing signs, but not the No ATV sign.  The Board also unanimously decided to install new sign(s) suggesting that “Video Surveillance is Present.”

Future Road Seal & Dues

Dean Drabin began the discussion of raising the annual property owner POA fee.  This issue was raised at the annual meeting in August.  He stated that the annual net savings of OWW1 is typically between $18K and $20K.  He estimated that in four years we would increase our saving by $75K to $100K.  This amount may not be enough to be able to afford another normal chip seal in four years.  In addition, if the sewer project moves forward, there will probably be more homes along Heierman and Casper.  If so, both roads will probably need to be widened, as they are presently narrower than other roads in OWW1.  An increase in fees will enable the widening of these roads.

The Board also discussed an increase in dues to cover the general added costs of inflation. with regard to labor and materials.  It has been many years since the last dues increase.  The longer the delay in implementing an increase, the greater that increase will need to be to cover rising costs.

The Board unanimously agreed to raise the annual dues from $75 per property to $100, beginning July 1, 2020.  They also agreed to send a letter out this year as well as next, to provide the owners ample advance notice of this change prior to the July 1 implementation.

NEW BUSINESS:  Dean Drabin noted the OWW1 website is currently down.  He will look into the reason why it is offline and will get it up and running as soon as possible.

Meeting adjourned: 1:24 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary 


OWW1 Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Location: LaPine Fire Station

55785 South Century Drive

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present- yes

Board members present—Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Leonard Dahl

Board members absent—none

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 9:02 a.m.

Board members introduced

Treasurer’s Report by Doug Patterson & Dean Drabin:

              Checking Account: $21,727.90

              Certificate of Deposit: $64,985.69

              Mail Box Account: $1,412.31

Profit and Loss: Dean noted that last year we repaved and graded the aprons to South Century Drive.  This was much more of an expense than the usual road repairs, which, when added to a heavier than usual snowplowing in February, lead to an overall loss on the profit and loss sheet.

Chipper Service: Dean noted that this program was successful.  We will likely see a repeat of this service next spring (although this is not yet guaranteed.)  Residents were reminded that, in order to receive the chipper service, they will need to sign up.  To this end, recommendations have been made to the County, in order to make the sign-up at the program’s website more user-friendly.

Gina Asked if fire insurance lower rates for Firewise communities such as ours.  Dean said, unfortunately, they don’t.

Possible Connection to OWW Unit 2 Sewer: Michael Hanbey, president of the board of the OWW Unit 2 Sanitary District, spoke about the potential of connecting OWW1 (also referenced as Unit 1) to the existing OWW Unit 2 sewer system.  He said that he hoped we could join, but that it has to be beneficial for both existing OWW Unit 2 users, as well as for OWW Unit 1 potential future customers.

They have been working on this process for over a year, and obtained a grant to do a feasibility study to determine if the existing system could handle the increase of users from Unit 1.  Presently, Unit 2 has 984 properties, with 825 connected to the sewer system.  They pay $64 per month for this service.  Presently, a new OWW Unit 2 owner would pay 12 to 13 thousand dollars in system development costs to hook up to the sewer system.  The Sanitary District Board met with funding sources that support sewer, water and road systems.  The three sources were willing to contribute funding to the $5.8 mil. project, with 34% of their funding in the form of grants, and the remaining 66% in the form of long-term, low-interest loans.  The goal is to reduce the costs as much as possible.  It will take a while longer to get a better estimate of the overall costs—and, therefore, the monthly sewer fees—which will then allow Unit 1 residents to decide if they want to be annexed into the existing Sewer District.

A question and answer session followed to address concerns from residents regarding the potential sewer system connection.  By late 2019, or early 2020, FAQs will be posted online and updates provided to help residents keep abreast of sewer progress and process..  The OWW1 Board, with participation of the OWW Unit 2 Sanitary District are projecting an open meeting of OWW1 property owners in spring, 2020, for the sole purpose of providing the latest information on the possible sewer project to property owners and answering their questions, before calling for a final, community-wide vote on annexation.

Possible OWW1 Fee Increase:  Dean shared the history of the last road seal project.  Initially, there were some complaints about the Otta Seal, though it was less expensive, and generally expected to last longer than a normal Chip Seal.  However, if residents insist on a smoother, more attractive process such as a chip seal, we will be forced to spend quite a bit more.

Currently, we are paying annual dues of $75 per lot.  Given the level of income this provides to the POA, the Board is concerned that this will not amass enough funds, over the four or five years, to cover the costs of resurfacing all of our roads to the satisfaction of our residents—which, should the preference be chip seal, might well approach $200,000.  Even if the choice ends up being Otta Seal, the overall cost, due to increased material prices and the additional paving of Heierman and Casper (not repaved in the previous project) will push the cost of considerably higher than the $93,000 we paid four years ago.  Therefore, it was announced that the Board is considering raising the annual fees—likely to $100 per property, which should be enough to provide for eventual repaving, while allowing for annual expenses like snowplowing as well as to maintain a prudent reserve fund.

Vandelism:  After Al Zupo and Dean replaced a sign removed by vandals, the area—a relatively secluded spot—was vandalized again, this time with three signs being removed.  When Dean reported this to the County Sheriff, it was suggested that a motion-activated camera be installed, along with a sign announcing surveillance.  The Board will take this up at its next meeting.

Voting for Board Member:  Tim Jenning’s term expired this year.  An election was held during this Annual meeting to fill the position.  Tim Jenning received 73 votes and was reelected for another 3-year term.

Mailboxes:  There were questions about repairing/shoring up individual mailboxes on Seevers and Big River.  Dean stated that those are the responsibility of box owners, no the OWW1 POA.  Dean encouraged residents who don’t already have them to contact Doug Patterson about obtaining a locking mailbox in our community bank of boxes on South Century Drive, for which there is a one-time cost of $50, with a $25 refund when the owner moves.  Doug’s phone number is posted on the bulletin board at the mailboxes.

Miscellaneous:  Resident Chriss S shared hemp as a materials option to build homes that are more fire-resistant.

Shooting along the river: a resident passed a petition sheet for Unit 1 owners, to present to the Deschutes County Commissioners to extend no-shoot zones along the river.  It was pointed out that the no-shoot zone designations have not been revised for more than twenty years, though in that time the area has seen a considerable increase in residences, as well as people using the river and trails for recreation during hunting season, thereby causing more potential for injury.

Resident asked if anyone has experienced and recent break-ins or squatters in the area.  Because POA has no code enforcement power, if anyone has any complaints about squatters or suspicious activity in this area, they should be reported to the County.

Weeds:  Dean noted that spotted knapweed is noxious.  He asked residents to pull knapweed and dispose of it in a bag to prevent it from germinating and spreading.  Do not confuse it with asters, which have yellow centers, while spotted knapweed doesn’t.

Meeting adjourned:  10:41 a.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence

55520 Big River Drive

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present: Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Leonard Dahl, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent: None

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:14 a.m.

Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:

Dean provided the financial information (end of May), since Doug was a few minutes late.

          Regular checking account total: $15,505.14

          Mailbox account: $1060.30

          Certificate of deposit: $64985.69

A bill for the recent pavement patching (approx. $6100) has not yet been processed.  A bill to pay Ted Fitcher for right-of-way mowing is also pending.

New Business:

Dean shared a draft of a new survey for owners of vacant lots in OWW1, to be sent out with annual fee invoices and notice of the annual OWW1 Board meeting.  The purpose of the survey is to get a rough understanding of future plans for their properties, if a sewer system is built in our community.  The answers provided will help in the financial planning for the possible sewer system.

Bart suggested some minor language changes to the draft survey, in order to make clear that, as yet, such a system is only being studied.  The Board supported sending out the survey after making the proposed changes.

Dean also shared a draft of the Annual Board meeting notice.  The Board supported the draft notice.  Dean and Bart will provide an update on the potential sewer system, as well as approximate timeline for future communications and decisions at the upcoming Annual meeting.

Dean noted that this year’s Project Wildfire chipping and removal program went well.  Dean shared about how our past support for the Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC) has led to this program, and Tim Jenning made a motion to continue this support, in the form of a $250 contribution—same amount as in previous years.  The Board voted unanimously to support this motion.

Dean shared our past contribution to the Fire Hall, in appreciation for the use of their facility for our annual meeting.  He made a motion to provide $100, as before, to the LaPine fire station.  The Board unanimously voted to support this motion.

Meeting adjourned at 11:11 a.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence

55520 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present- Yes

Board Members Present- Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Meeting was called to order  by Dean Drabin at 10:17 a.m.


Old Business:

Dean Drabin and Bart Gernhart provided a brief update of the potential sewer project being considered by the OWW2 Sanitation District.  That project is still being refined.  Grants and low cost loans are being investigated.  It does not appear a complete proposal will be ready to be provided at the OWW1 Annual Meeting in August, 2019, as there are still many complicated items needed to be addressed before they can move forward for a vote.  It appears the vote will be one regarding annexation into the sewer district.  It is more likely that OWW1 will have a special open meeting in 2020, where the OWW2 Sanitation District will be able to share all of the details with us.  A vote of OWW1 property owners would occur some time after that meeting.


New Business:

Dean and Bart provided an overview on costs.  The feasibility study for the OWW2 Sanitation District’s project to connect OWW1 to the existing treatment facility was completely paid for with a grant at a cost of over $20,000.  The grant is more or less exhausted, and now there is a need, as mentioned above, to refine the details of the proposal, pursue additional funding sources to reduce costs of OWW1’s connection, and meet other numerous need of OWW1 if the proposal is to move forward.  OWW1 has 355 lots; OWW2 has just under 1000 lots.  Dean and Bart proposed to the Board to fund a portion of the costs to refine the details, continue to pursue grant and loan options, and to pay for the consultant to attend meeting(s) to provide OWW1 property owners with answers to their questions.  Bart proposed OWW1 contributing 40% of the costs for this work, up to a maximum of $2000.  The Board voted unanimously to support this proposal.


Dean raised the issue of our savings for sealing our roads in the future.  Our last seal was done in the fall of 2015.  Several residents objected to the type of seal that was done, which was a less expensive process than a normal chip seal.  Bart noted the County and other larger municipalities perform a chip seal with pre-coated rock.  This is even more expensive than a normal chip seal, but does not involve as much loose, flying rock, nor the dust associated with other types of chip seal.  He did not recommend this pre-coated treatment on our roads, but was just listing it as another option.  Dean and Bart pointed out that if we want a different, more expensive option than the one used in 2015, we will need to increase our dues to accumulate the funds needed to pay for it.  An increase of $25, to a total of $100 per lot per year, was discussed.  Doug suggested that we bring this up at our Annual Meeting in August to get feedback from OWW1 members before finalizing an increase.  The Board agreed.  A notice discussing this concept will be included with this year’s dues invoices, going out in June.


Treasurer’s Report:

Doug Patterson provided the following summary of our accounts:

Regular Checking                         $22,211.93

Mail Box Account                         $1,197.31

Certificate of Deposit                   $64,985.69


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, December 15

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence

55520 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present–Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent–Leonard Dahl


Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:04 a.m.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:

Doug Patterson provided the following information:

          Regular Checking Account Total: $44,130.46

          Mailbox Account: $1060.30

Dean Drabin provided the following information:

          Certificate of Deposit: $64,905.69

New Business:

Dean Drabin noted that we are waiting for a billing from Vic Russell Construction for the road approach repair work completed in November.


Dean also stated that the cost of snowplowing would increase from $90 to $95 per hour.  The Board unanimously approved this increase.


Dean noted that the consultant for OWW2 Sanitary District has finished their draft feasibility report for a potential OWW1 sewer system connection to the existing OWW2 Sewage Facility.  This report will be discussed at an open meeting with the OWW1 members in the spring of 2019.  The purpose of this meeting will be to inform all OWW1 owners of the various options considered by OWW2, provide cost estimates, answer questions and have an open public discussion prior to taking a formal vote.  Notification of this meeting will be sent out a month beforehand to the OWW1 owners.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.

OWW1 Annual Meeting

August 11, 2018

Location: La Pine Fire District Building, 55785 South Century Drive

Meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Dean Drabin, President

Quorum present?  Yes (represented in-person and by proxy)

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Account—–$73.431.55

Certificate of Deposit–$24,959.22

Mailbox Account———$819.59

Old Business:

Profit and Loss Report was referenced, with most items discussed having to do with yearly income, and cost of road repairs and last winter’s snow plowing.  Mention was made that, if owners are paying dues through their banks’ bill-paying services, they should make sure that they use the POA address for payment (55633 Big River Drive, OR 97707), as some payments have been mistakenly directed to the Water Wonderland Improvement District.

This spring’s very successful free chipper, sweat-equity program was summarized, and OWW1’s new Firewise designation was explained, along with the responsibilities of homeowners in maintaining and expanding defensible space on their properties.  At this point, cards were passed out with the web address of, which can provide citizens with up-to-date information and maps about the status of fires in the region, as well as locations of concern regarding air quality.

Ongoing community efforts to fight and eradicate spotted knapweed were discussed, including news of the possible use of a new, anti-weed nematode, which, if successful, could eliminate, or at least, greatly reduce, the problem once and for all.

OWW2 Sanitary District’s committing of $22,500 for a feasibility study about the construction of a sewer system in OWW1, to be connected with the Sanitary District’s existing facility, was discussed.  This led to a great many questions, having to do with projected costs, financing options, grants, timeline, community voting on acceptance or rejection, etc.  But, as at this time the Board had no definitive answers, it was suggested that, at a future time when such answers are forthcoming from the Sanitary District, the OWW1 POA’s Board should call a special open meeting, for the purpose of disseminating and discussing the information in greater detail.  It was emphasized that at the moment there could be no accurate estimate for a projected date for such a meeting, but that, as soon as sufficient information becomes available, plans will be made for the meeting and OWW1 owners will be contacted.

In a related discussion, ideas were offered about the creation of an email list of property owners, which would allow for wide and rapid distribution of OWW1 news.  To that end, an email sign-up was made available.

Concerns were voiced by residents about the dangers of indiscriminate shooting by hunters in areas adjacent to our community, and solutions, involving possible closure of nearby stretches of the Deschutes River to hunting were discussed.  To this end, a petition will be created and circulated, involving OWW1, as well as the communities of River Forest Acres and River Meadows.

Another concern voiced was that of neighbors creating fires in their backyards.  At this point, Fire Chief Mike Supkis stepped in, to explain and clarify the legalities, limitations and requirements for using a fire pit on private property.  He also expounded upon various measures homeowners can take to further safeguard their homes from the threat of fire.

Mosquitoes were mentioned, and the phone number for 4 Rivers Vector was provided (541-593-1689), with residents encouraged to report any problem so that they could send out a fogging truck in response.

Board election results were announced, with both Dean Drabin and Leonard Dahl being returned for three-year terms.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence

55520 Big River Drive

Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present- Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board Members Absent- Leonard Dahl


Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:02 a.m.

Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:

Regular Checking Acount Total: $57,020.12

Mailbox Account: $794.59

Doug also provided the OWW1 Profit and Loss Report

New Business:

Annual Meeting

Dean noted that the OWW1 annual meeting will be held on August 11, 2018, at the LaPine Fire Station on South Century Drive at 9 a.m.

Dean noted that an update of a potential sewer system connection with OWW2’s existing system will be provided at the annual meeting.

The Board unanimously approved contributing $250 to the Upper Deschutes River Coalition, in light of the free chipper service recently provided to the community.

The Board also unanimously approved providing the LaPine Fire District $100, for use of the facility for our annual meeting on August 11.

The Board reviewed the YTD bookkeeping costs, and concluded that an annual expense of approximately $1000 annually was very reasonable.

Two Board vacancies will be coming up as Dean Drabin and Leonard Dahl’s terms will expire.  A vote to fill the seats will be conducted at the annual meeting.

Dean Drabin discussed a couple of complaints raised by residents about activities of some of their neighbors.  Since we have no formal CCR’s, OWW1 has very limited authority to address these complaints.  However, depending on the circumstances, the County may be able to take action.

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.

Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s residence

55520 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present?  Yes

Board Members Present- Dean DRabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Leonard Dahl

Board Members Absent- None


Call to Order


Old Business:


New Business:

Snowplow Operations

Dean noted that snow plowing this winter was much less than the past two winters.  Doug Patterson provided information from our accountant Tonya on snow plowing done by Vic Russell Construction for this season.  Plowing was done on four different dates.  Total cost through March 1, 2018 is $1687.50.  A few areas where damage may have been caused by plowing were mentioned; Dean will meet with Vic Russell to assess those areas.


Budgeting for Possible Future Chip Seal

Later this spring, Dean will get an estimate from Vic Russell on the cost for a future chip seal  The only purpose of this is to get a rough estimate, so that the cost of such a process can then be shared and discussed at our annual meeting at the fire station.



There was no new information on the sewer.  We hope to have a sewer update later this year.


Free Chipping

REMINDER: Don’t forget to sign up in order to have your woody debris chipped.  Chipping operations will start in late May.  Flyers have been sent to residents.


Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence
55520 Big River Drive,
Bend, OR 97707
Quorum present? – Yes
Board Members Present – Dean Drabin, Tim Jennings, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Leonard Dahl
Board Members Absent – None
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:10 a.m.
Old Business:


New Business:


Dean Drabin presented the Profit and Loss spreadsheet from January 1 – December 7 to the other Board members. He noted the liability insurance last year was $971. Our snow removal costs last winter were $8,454.50. All but $40 was paid to Vic Russel. $40 was paid to Hoyt’s Classic Landcare.
We have $51,550.84 in our main account, $736.92 in our mailbox account and $24,959.22 in CD’s.
Dean said our income in 2017 was $42,366.66. This is higher than normal since we received income from properties that were sold in 2017 which had delinquent (unpaid) association dues, some were unpaid for years. Our normal income from dues should be estimated at $27,000 for budgetary purposes.

Dean stated in the past we budgeted $5,000 annually for snowplowing. He suggested we should budget $10,000 for snowplowing as a more healthy amount based on the past few years. The Board agreed that seems reasonable.

Dean said our normal road repair maintenance expenses are around $3,000 per year.

We began incurring new bookkeeping expenses in August 2017. In the past, we had free bookkeeping. For budgetary purposes, Dean suggested we estimate at least $1000 per year for bookkeeping. The Board agreed that seems reasonable.
Leonard made a motion to pay our bookkeeper (Tonya Sims) up to $400 as a onetime cost to purchase QuickBooks software. The Board agreed(subsequently learned that Tonya’s software is already latest version, so expenditure is unnecessary.)

The Board discussed the cost of possibly using future chip seals on our roads. The Board agreed it was prudent to begin budgeting for those future expenses. The first step in the budgeting process is to get a preliminary cost estimate for that future work. Dean volunteered to get an estimate from Vic Russell for this budgetary exercise. All of the Board members were clear this is only a budgetary exercise for financial planning purposes. The Board agreed to discuss this issue at our next meeting.

Dean said he applied for a Firewise USA certification (see several years ago for our association. He announced we received the certification and have two signs to install on the entrances to our neighborhood.
Dean discussed the Deschutes County Project Wildfire program (see He explained property owners can provide their sweat equity (labor) by clearing their property of debris. The County will provide a chipping service as they have done in the past, but property owners must sign up online for this service to enable the County to document the sweat equity as a match to the grant the County received. This program will be available in our neighborhood sometime this coming spring. Dean will provide more information when it becomes available and the Board will assure dissemination of this information.

Dean said our snow removal contract is the same as it was last year regarding removal of berms across driveways.
Dean provided a reminder for those who are gone for a good portion of the winter and who want the snow berm at their driveway entrance removed to contact Dean.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Minutes respectively submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s residence

55520 Big River Drive

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present?  Yes

Board members present: Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Board members absent: Leonard Dahl

Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:10 a.m.

Old Business:  None

New Business

Election of new board positions:

President:  Dean Drabin was only nominee.  All four board members present voted for Dean

Treasurer:  Doug Patterson was the only nominee.  All four board members present voted for Doug.

Secretary:  Bart Gernhart was the only nominee.  All four board members present voted for Bart.


Dean Drabin made a motion to have 2 signatures on all checks written on behalf of OWW1.  All four board members present supported this motion.  The President and our bookkeeper, Tonya Sims, will have signing authority.

A signature card at our bank needs to be completed in order to transfer the signing authority from past president, Al Zupo, to current president, Dean Drabin


Dean will update the website with the new board members and their positions.


Oww1 Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, August 12, 2017

La Pine Rural Fire Protection District Sub-Station

55785 South Century Drive

Quorum Present?:  Yes; 42 property owners attended, plus 54 proxy votes=96 (72 total votes needed.)

Board Members Present:  Al Zupo, President; Tonya Sims, Treasurer; Larry McGlocklin, Secretary Pro Tem; Dean Drabin; Time Jenning

Guests: Monte Dammerell, president of the Upper Deschutes River Coalition

Meeting called to order by President Al Zupo at 9:00 a.m.

Al introduced the board members.  He then asked audience members to introduce themselves and note their street locations.

Al asked for board member nominations from the floor; there were none.  Doug Patterson, our mailbox maintenance volunteer, was mentioned as a write-in candidate for a three-year term.

Al discussed the treasurer’s report prepared by Tonya Sims.

Checking Account: $50,058.46

Road Paving Account CD: $24,844.15

Mail Box Account: approximately $500 (exact amount unknown, as payments were in the process of being made for reconstructing mailbox roof.)

Comments from the audience:  None.


Old Business

La Pine Rural Fire Protection District Report

Due to wildfires in region, no representative was present.  Al mentioned that the board had again this year donated $100.00 to the fire district for the use of their station for our annual meeting.

Comments from the audience:  None

Fire Fuels Reduction Report

The report was presented by Monte Dammerell and board member Dean Drabin, who also serves on the board of the Upper Deschutes River Coalition.  Report deals with ongoing efforts to reduce fuels in the community, thereby helping to limit potential damage from wildfire in the area.  It was noted that, because of UDRC grants over the last decade or so, a great deal of work clearing fuels from our properties has been accomplished at no expense to the community.

For the future, two programs were discussed.  One, administered by the UDRC, is a cost-sharing plan.  Residents who wish to employ a contractor to clear their properties of excess fuels are asked to go to the website, where they can register.  Once work is completed, they can then provide the UDRC with a paid invoice, and be compensated for 50% of the expense, up to a limit of $500.  This program is on a first come, first served basis, and is subject to funds availability.

The other service, tentatively scheduled for spring, 2018, is a “sweat-equity” program, administered by the county.  Similar to past programs, it involves owners doing the work of cutting and trimming, and then hauling woody debris to be piled at the roadside, where it will then be chipped by county crews and blown back on to their properties, free of charge.  New on this occasion, however, will be a requirement for owners to first register with the county in order to qualify for the service, so that the county will be able to keep track of in-kind labor performed by property owners.  Further contact information, along with exact dates, will be posted at the mailbox next year as it becomes available.

Comments from the audience:  None

Road Paving Repair Project

Al said sealing will be applied soon to repair cracks, and potholes will be filled.

Comments from the audience:  A member liked the way the county chip-sealed South Century Drive near our subdivision and wondered if we could do the same in the future.  Washington State road engineer and OWW1 POA member, Bart Gernhart, noted that the process they used (coated gravel and light oil binding) was prohibitively expensive, but that it could be considered at the time of repaving, if residents wished to do so.

Snow Removal Report

Al reported a heavy year for snow removal, which had resulted in more funds than usual having been spent.  He also mentioned that a heavy winter for this year is predicted.

Comments from the audience:  None

Roadside Weed Control

Dean and Al encouraged owners to be diligent, individually, in spraying for knapweed and other noxious, non-native plants on their properties. as board volunteers lack sufficient time or resources to treat anything beyond common areas and community right-of-ways.  Al provided physical examples of several county-identified noxious weeds.

Comments from the audience:  None

New Business

Election of Three Board Members

After 21 years on the board, President Al Zupo is retiring.  After 18 years on the board, Treasurer Tonya Sims is retiring.  The board and audience members gave both Thank You cards and applause.

Nominated for a three-year term were Bart Gernhart, Kevin Grieg, and write-in candidate Doug Peterson.  Nominated for a one-year term to replace retired board member, Carl Schwarz, is Leonard Dahl.

Election results:  Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, and Leonard Dahl are our new board members.

Septic Systems/Sanitary District Annexation Update

The board has sent out an advisory letter last week asking for owner response in favor or against proceeding further with a sewer project.  Volunteer Robert Stingle is receiving the returned ballots and will continue to coordinate with the OWW2 Sanitary District, if a majority of owners approves.  The cut-off date for voting is August 26.  So far, votes are 80 in favor, and 37 against.

Comments from the audience:  There was extensive discussion, including history of efforts in the region by the County, ten years ago, to force septic upgrades, as well as steps taken by OWW1, in reaction to the County’s efforts, to evaluate the possibility of a sewer system hook-up with the existing OWW2 Sanitary District (a project estimated, in a feasibility study to cost three million dollars), as an alternative to the forced upgrades—all of which was eventually rendered unnecessary when the County’s initiative (called “The Local Rule”), was defeated in a referendum. 

It was pointed out that the current vote is only an advisory one, and several steps remain to be taken before any sewer construction is possible—including a County Commission-sanctioned Rule 11 exemption, followed by a more formal, binding vote involving only OWW1 residents who are registered to vote locally.  Also mentioned was the likelihood that such a system would be financed by a general obligation bond issue, which would mitigate the considerable burden of hook-up expense—estimated to be $10,000.oo—by spreading it out over thirty years at low interest.

Arguments from the audience in favor of sewers were presented by various property owners, ranging from basic environmental and health-of-the-community concerns, to expectations about how sewers could result in increased property values across the board, to worries about the condition of many decades-old in-ground septic systems, now no longer legal but currently grandfathered throughout the community.  Arguments against sewers centered around an unnecessary added expense for owners who had already spent thousands of dollars on existing, fully-functioning above-ground systems.  Also voiced were concerns from owners with properties not being used for residence, which would nevertheless be subject to mandatory hook-up, as required by the DEQ.

Mail Box Update

Al mentioned the approximately $3000.00 spent to reroof the present structure, which will now allow snow to slide off to the sides, rather than to the front and back, which had previously caused considerable hardship for both residents retrieving mail, as well as for those postal employees delivering it.

Comments from the audience:  None

Other business:  One resident suggested that we need more 15 MPH signs

Good of the Order

Mosquito Control

Al said that it has been a bad year and members can call the Vector Control Service to request a pass-by of the spray truck (541-593-1689.)  This week helicopters dropped tablets into wetlands along the river.

August 21 Eclipse

Al and Dean mentioned that Deschutes County Fairgrounds will be a command post along with three satellite locations to dispatch appropriate response teams; that ODOT will have water, fuel and medical aid located every five miles along major highways; that members should fill their vehicle tanks and stock up on food well in advance of the event.

Comments from the audience:  None

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry McGlocklin, Secretary Pro Tem


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

Friday, 4/7/17

Meeting was held at the Al Zupo Residence

55597 Big River Drive

Bend, OR 97707


Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present:

Al Zupo, President; Dean Drabin; Tonya Sims, Treasurer; Tim Jenning, Karl Schwarz, Secretary

Board Members absent: None


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President Al Zupo at 7:00 PM.


Tonya gave the Treasurer’s report

Regular Checking: $37,048.92

Mailbox Account:  $3,466.13

CD:                            $24,948.40


Old Business

Minutes from last board meeting, 11/16/16 were approved.

Spring assessment of road conditions will be conducted by Al and Dean some time in May.

Dean will remove winter signage from mailboxes.

There is a hearing coming up regarding Rule 11.  More information to follow.


New Business

Vic Russell’s invoice for temporary repairs to intersection of Heirman and Gross is $2,229.51.

Concern was brought up about mailbox structure and berms left from falling snow, and the difficulty of keeping the area safely cleared during winter months.  After much discussion, Dean advised that we should rebuild the structure to slope the roof east and west, thereby helping to eliminate the berms to help facilitate ease of plowing along the structure.  Dean then motioned that we get quotes to rebuild the structure.  Tim seconded.  All were in favor.  Al will contact Al Huntley, Tonya will contact Cy Smith, and Karl will talk to Tim Phillips.  Hopes are to have mailbox structure rebuilot before our annual meeting on August 12.

Al recommended that the board hire someone to keep our books in the future (hourly basis.)  He will look into this issue.


Next regular Board meeting and time: TBA.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Karl Schwarz.


Minutes, Regular Board Meeting

June 17, 2017

Oregon Water Wonderland 1
Homeowners Association
Regular Board Meeting
June 17, 2017

The Al Zupo Residence
55597 Big River Drive
Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present?: Yes
Board Members Present: Al Zupo, President
Larry McGlocklin, Secretary (Temp replacement of resigning Karl Schwarz)
Dean Drabin
Tim Jenning
Tonya Sims, Treasurer
Board Members Absent: None
Guests Present: Mr. Bart Gernhart; Mr. Doug Patterson.

Call to Order

Meeting called to order by President Al Zupo at 9:05 AM

Tonya gave the treasurer’s report:
Business Checking Account Balance $36,582.87
Money Market (Paving Reserve) Account $24,948.40
Mailbox Maintenance Account $3,466.18

Minutes of the last regular board meeting were approved by general consent as was the treasurer’s report.

Al mentioned secretary Karl Schwarz resigned last month citing family concerns. Larry McGlocklin, former board secretary for 12 years, was asked by the board to fill in until the annual meeting as per the association bylaws.

Old Business


Community Mailbox on South Century Roof Remodel –

Due to snow and ice falling off the present roofline and causing treacherous footing for mail carrier and patron both, a redesign of the roof is needed so the angle of the roof is changed to cause the precipitation to fall towards either end where no one normally walks.

Al took carpenter Al Huntley to see the building and Mr. Huntley designed a new roof. He feels up to $2,000 in lumber will be needed as well as $350.00 in metal roofing and other hardware. He will submit a bid for his labor to do the work. Since all building contractors are too busy this season to submit bids for the work, Dean moved and Tim seconded we go with Mr. Huntley who has finished other projects for us in a very admirable manner. Motion passed.

Open Board Positions –

Al said there are two positions open due to his and Tonya’s completion of their normal three-year terms and one position open to permanently replace the position of the member resigning one year early from his three-year term.


New Business


FAX Phone Number –

Dean mentioned our association FAX line is no longer used or needed. The motion by Larry and seconded by Tim was passed to remove the line and save $30.00 per month.

Sewer System Update –

Some residents are concerned about effluent from their approved and active sewage systems migrating into the groundwater and then into the Deschutes River. General discussion was that an exception to Rule 11 needs to be obtained to remove us from the area-wide rule and ask for our own exemption. Such an exemption to allow for a sewage system was granted to OWW2 after three years of trying.

County commissioner, Tony DeBone suggested we apply for an exemption. Dean thinks the county can be asked to issue a bond measure, or similar, to allow for the work to be done and then paid for by our residents over a 20+-year period.

Mowing Roadsides –

Al mentioned the value of having the grass and weeds alongside our roads as stopping encroachment of vegetation which causes broken road surfaces. Ted Ficker will be called on again this year to mow when he feels it is the best time to do so. Cost is usually about $600.00 according to Tonya. Motion by Dean and seconded by Tonya. Motion Passed.



Al has found an economical source for both “No Shooting”, and “Call Before You Dig”, signs which have been damaged by weather and snowplow blow-by.

Envelope Order –

Al will purchase an additional supply of pre-printed window envelopes for this year’s annual meeting mailing.


Brenda Drive Temporary Lot Residents –

Up to seven vehicles have been seen parked, including two travel trailers, on a lot formerly owned by Donna Farmer and apparently now deeded to her adult daughter. This has become a nuisance in the neighborhood with at least the three times law enforcement have been called out to quell domestic abuse issues and other problems.

A solution is to turn the matter over to the DEQ due to potential waste sewage not being properly disposed of. Tonya objected to taking this step prior to sending a letter to the party on the lot and detailing the suspected violations and giving them time to comply. Al will write and send the letter.

Frost Heave Damage to Heierman Road –

The temporary repair patch to the roadway was completed and cost about $2,300.00. Al toured the area with road contractor, Vic Russell, and road engineer, Bart Gernhart, who outlined a plan to make the repair permanent as possible due to the recurring frost heave issues. Using a metal culvert and topping the area with asphalt instead of Otta seal would cost in the neighborhood of $8,000.00. The decision will be left until the Vic Russell bid has ben entered. Tonya thinks this is not a good idea to spend money on an issue that will possibly repeat itself during the next season of cold weather.

Bookkeeping/Recordkeeping –

Tonya has done a marvelous job of keeping the association books. She has spent many, many volunteer hours and done a yeoman’s job. It is felt the position should now pay her or the associated bookkeeping service she is associated with and have our books done by her and not the voluntary secretary of the board. Due to a conflict of interest, the current board cannot vote on this issue, but recommends Tonya is in the best position to continue our bookkeeping, but as a paid position.

Tonya feels a newer, more robust version of the Quick Books accounting program we currently use is needed, or another brand of accounting software. The newer software version will allow several users to work on the books simultaneously and also allow for mailing address labels to be generated of our members. There is also a need for her to track lot ownership changes within the accounting program. Moved by Dean and seconded by Al. Motion Passed.

Web Site Maintenance –

Dean feels the secretary of the board should be allowed access to the Web site to post minutes of the meetings, and so forth, and to be able to access email in order to check for incoming mail periodically.

Al will request member’s email addresses in this year’s letter re the annual meeting. He will also include a disclaimer of how we will not share or sell their address.

The Annual Meeting is Saturday, August 12, 2017. As usual, Al has contracted with Incredible Events to provide chairs and a sound system. He will divide the costs between the other two associations using the room and equipment on the same day. OWW1 will also donate our usual $100.00 to the La Pine Rural Fire Department for the use of their truck bay.

Meeting adjourned at 10:19 PM

Respectfully submitted,

By Larry McGlocklin, Secretary