Notices & Minutes

Minutes, Annual Meeting, August 5, 2023

Meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. Quorum Present? Yes Treasurer’s Report Checking: $56,706.74; CD: $25,000; Mailbox Account: $869/29 P&L Report: There was a negative P&L this year due to a large expenditure for road paving and repair. Old Business A. Snow Removal: snowplowing costs amounted to $6700.  It […]

Road Repair

Beginning 6/28, and continuing through the week of July 3, a road crew will be doing repair work on our roads—primarily along the edges, but occasionally further out into the road surface where patching is needed.  Please observe caution when walking, riding or driving where these repairs are being made.

Paving on Heierman

A crew will be patching and paving the entire length of Heierman Drive, beginning June 22, and extending through the following week.  Residents are asked to observe caution when walking and driving around heavy equipment.

Coming: Free Chipper Service!

With the help of Deschutes County, OWW1 has arranged to have yard debris chipper service, tentatively scheduled for early June. In order to take advantage of this, residents are requested to bring all of their woody debris (no lawn clippings) to the roadside and arrange it in piles with butt-ends […]


After careful consideration, and having already received general support at last August’s Annual Meeting, the OWW1 Board has voted unanimously to raise the annual dues to $150 per lot, per year, beginning July 1, 2023. The reasons for the increase have to do, mainly, with the expected costs of repaving […]


Snowplowing is triggered when accumulated snow on the roads reaches 4 to 6 inches, with additional attention being paid when the snow becomes slushy and makes traction difficult. Because of a continuing labor shortage, our snow-plowing contractor will not have sufficient staff to remove berms created by road plowing—therefore residents […]