SNOW…Thanks, Everyone!

Many thanks to all of our residents who showed great patience, tolerance, and good cheer in the face of our recent snow-storm difficulties.  Due to numerous mechanical issues, our contractor had been reduced to using back-up vehicles, and was therefore only able to initially plow a narrow lane on all of our roads in the midst of the storm.  Things are now improving, and they are out there widening the roads considerably so that cars coming in opposite directions can pass each other more easily.

That said, in going out to assess the road conditions yesterday, I was greatly encouraged by the universally positive attitudes of numerous residents as I stopped to discuss the situation with them.  Rather than complaining, people were completely understanding and accepting, as they worked—cheerfully, I have to say—with snowblowers and shovels, to improve the conditions around their homes and driveways.

So, once again, thank-you, everybody!

Dean Drabin