Minutes, Annual Meeting – Saturday, August 7, 2021

Location: LaPine Fire Station

55785 South Century

Bend, 97707

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart and Tim Jenning

Board Members Absent—Leonard Dahl and Doug Patterson

Quorum Present?

Yes—70 needed for quorum; present and proxies totaled 87.

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 9:13 a.m.


The annual profit and loss sheet along with the agenda were provided at the check-in desk.

Dean Drabin provided an update of our present accounts as follows:

            Regular Checking Account Total: $50,822.03

            Mailbox Account                            $1523.01

            Certificate of Deposit:                  $66,464.08


Chipping Service

Dean Drabin provided a summary of the chipping service we had this year.  The total cost of the service was $3200.  OWW1’s share of the cost, after a County grant of $2000, was only $1,200.  The amount of debris chipped was the most ever.  This is an important activity for us as it significantly reduces the risk of fire for the whole area.  Dean also noted that we hope to do something similar next year.


Bart Gernhart provided an update on our roads.  We had 4 miles of roads crack-sealed this past summer at a cost of $14,000 by 7 Peaks Asphalt Restoration.  The work done was not perfect, but was satisfactory.  We are still a few years away from needing to do a major chip seal re-pavement on our roads.  The plan is to get estimates for both a regular chip seal, and a less expensive otta seal (the method employed last time.)  We plan to share the cost differences with the community, and then make a decision on which product to apply—assuming estimates for both products are available.

We currently have a couple of small pot holes and areas where the shoulders are deteriorating.  There was not enough work, however, for a contractor to come out and repair these this year.  We will reassess our roads next spring and determine if there will be enough work to hire a contractor at that time.  It was reminded that we did not do any road repairs in 2020.

Bart also noted that our increase in annual fees to $100 per year per lot was intended to cover increases in costs for the next major chip seal.  The Board decided that it was better to slowly increase our savings to cover the future cost than to have to suddenly boost the fees by a lot when the time for repaving arrives.


Dean Drabin noted that there has been a lot of new construction in our community, and that now we have approximately 200 residences and 30 large storage structures out of a total of 355 lots.

Dean also mentioned that there have been a number of delivered packages stolen from front porches, and that residents should exercise caution when anticipating deliveries.

Speed Signs and Speed Bumps

Dean said that we have had speed signs up for quite some time.  He noted that they are not legally enforceable, but as they may have contributed to drivers slowing somewhat, the Board may consider installing a few more.  Someone suggested that we install speed bumps.  It was then noted that OWW2 had installed speed bumps, but had been forced to pay to have them removed within a year, due to residents’ complaints, as well as problems with snow plowing.  The consensus was that with at least as many opposed as in favor, it was not worth pursuing the idea.

Unsightly Lots and Other Issues

Someone complained about the condition of lots on Hen Lane, as well as at Gross and South Century.  Dean noted that OWW1 has no enforcement power in such cases.  He suggested that if someone is breaking the law or a County code, then people should contact the County, to file a complaint.  If it seems to be a public health or environmental concern, then they should contact DEQ.

He restated that OWW! cannot enforce restrictions.  If we had a big issue with someone, the most we could do is hire a lawyer and try to sue, which would be very expensive and by no means be guaranteed successful.  One of the attendees also suggested contacting County Code Enforcement section.

Carol raised hunting safety as an ongoing issue of concern along the river.  She noted that some hunters are indiscriminately shooting along the river and endangering hikers, as well as residents around their homes—in fact actually hitting the homes in some instances.  Carol passed out contact information, in an effort to raise awareness of the issue.

Someone stated that because there are more new homes our water pressure has been significantly reduced.  Dean suggested that they contact Water Wonderland Improvement District to discuss the issue.

Someone noted that during the chipping project a few piles of debris were overlooked by the contractor.  Dean replied that he would remind future contractors to make sure they catch every pile.

Dean also noted that if snow plowing operations damage your driveway, if you report this they will repair it.

Someone said that the snowplow caused a berm of snow and ice to block their driveway.  Dean responded that the contractor is responsible for removing berms in front of all driveways.  They usually use a big machine (like a grader) to clear the roads, and then come back some time later with a smaller plow to clear the driveway entrances.  This can take as long as an hour or two after the roads are plowed to be accomplished.  If your berm is there for much longer than that, contact the contractor, Vic Russell Construction.

Someone asked how people can build homes on Heierman as there is a lot of high water there.  Dean suggested that over the years improved septic design may be making many of those lots buildable, leading the County to now issue permits where they weren’t available before.

Someone mentioned that some residents are not paying their dues.  Dean noted that it has been an ongoing problem, but that the situation frequently gets resolved—with additional late fees being paid—when those properties are sold, since no escrow can close with an outstanding lien (ours) against it.  In fact, the only time the outstanding fees are not collectable, is when the property is foreclosed—but these days, with the real estate market being what it is, such occurrences are rare.


Dean noted that we have a new mailbox structure near our old one.  Because of new construction, we ran out of vacant mailboxes and needed to provide more.  There are 23 new boxes in this new structure, which should suffice until more are needed, at which time we will purchase more boxes to install in the new structure, which has plenty of room to accommodate them.

A question was asked if new homes are required to use the new boxes.  Dean said that it is not a requirement.

Sewer System

Dean provided an update on the potential of OWW2 Sanitary Sewer District to construct a system for OWW1 which would connect with OWW2’s existing system.  Dean noted that tentative financing two years ago, including possible Federal and State loans and grants, had been considered, but that the amounts were inadequate, with the result that there would be a monthly charge of at least $250 for OWW1 residents.  Then the pandemic hit, and even that tentative funding became problematic.  Bottom line is that any sewer project in the near future is unlikely, until more government funding becomes available, and more residences are constructed in our community to spread the costs and lower the monthly charges. 


River Levels

Dean noted that Wickiup Reservoir is at an all time low for this time of year.  He suggested that people remove their boats from the river soon.  Smaller boats may not be a problem for a while, but bigger ones could get stuck in the mud as the river gets lowered.

Mosquito Control

Dean noted that we have not had a big mosquito problem this year, largely do to the efforts of 

4 Rivers Vector.  Nevertheless, he reminded people that if they have a mosquito problem they can call the mosquito control at 541-593-1689.


Dean noted that Board members Bart Gernhart and Doug Patterson’s terms were expiring and we needed to vote to fill their two positions.  In person and mail in ballots were then counted by the Board’s accountant, with the result that both Bart Gernhart and Doug Patterson were re-elected to the Board for another term.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.