Minutes, Regular Board Meeting – Saturday, October 23, 2021

Meeting was held at:

55553 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present? Yes

Board Members Present—Dean Drabin, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson, Tim Jenning

Board Members Absent—Leonard Dahl

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Dean Drabin at 10:07 a.m.


Doug Patterson provided a summary of our accounts;

            Regular checking account total: $56,822

             Mailbox account:                         $1894

              Certificate of deposit:               $66,464


Wood chipping (wildfire reduction)—Dean said we will be getting $4000 from the County for 2022 for a sweat-equity, chipping project next spring.  Residents should not start placing any woody debris along the roadway until the spring, as it will impede snowplowing operations this winter.

Speed Limit Signs—The Board unanimously approved Dean purchasing materials to install up to 6 more speed limit signs on various roads within OWW1.


Snow Plowing—Dean noted we had two complaints last year, one regarding the method of removing berms from driveways, and another regarding garbage cans getting knocked over by the plows.  It was discussed that during significant snow events, the first plowing is typically done with a large motor grader, which will leave a berm.  Subsequently, a smaller plow will be used to come back and remove the driveway berms as a large motor grader is not nimble enough to do so.

As for garbage cans being knocked over, if a snow storm happens the night before and the day of a garbage pick-up, then the cans will probably be in the way of the plows unless they are placed on the berm next to the driveway.  Attention must be paid to this placement, though, as improper positioning can cause problems for the garbage collector’s robotic lift.  In any case, the cans should not be left out in the roadway, where it will be likely that they will be knocked over by the road grader.

Mailboxes—Dean noted that the new mailbox on South Century needs a bulletin board and solar lights similar to those at the adjacent mailbox structure.  The Board unanimously approved for Dean to purchase the bulletin board and solar lights for the new structure.

Meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Bart Gernhart, Secretary.