Minutes, Regular Board Meeting – June 17, 2017

Oregon Water Wonderland 1
Homeowners Association
Regular Board Meeting
June 17, 2017

The Al Zupo Residence
55597 Big River Drive
Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present?: Yes
Board Members Present: Al Zupo, President
Larry McGlocklin, Secretary (Temp replacement of resigning Karl Schwarz)
Dean Drabin
Tim Jenning
Tonya Sims, Treasurer
Board Members Absent: None
Guests Present: Mr. Bart Gernhart; Mr. Doug Patterson.

Call to Order

Meeting called to order by President Al Zupo at 9:05 AM

Tonya gave the treasurer’s report:
Business Checking Account Balance $36,582.87
Money Market (Paving Reserve) Account $24,948.40
Mailbox Maintenance Account $3,466.18

Minutes of the last regular board meeting were approved by general consent as was the treasurer’s report.

Al mentioned secretary Karl Schwarz resigned last month citing family concerns. Larry McGlocklin, former board secretary for 12 years, was asked by the board to fill in until the annual meeting as per the association bylaws.

Old Business

Community Mailbox on South Century Roof Remodel –

Due to snow and ice falling off the present roofline and causing treacherous footing for mail carrier and patron both, a redesign of the roof is needed so the angle of the roof is changed to cause the precipitation to fall towards either end where no one normally walks.

Al took carpenter Al Huntley to see the building and Mr. Huntley designed a new roof. He feels up to $2,000 in lumber will be needed as well as $350.00 in metal roofing and other hardware. He will submit a bid for his labor to do the work. Since all building contractors are too busy this season to submit bids for the work, Dean moved and Tim seconded we go with Mr. Huntley who has finished other projects for us in a very admirable manner. Motion passed.

Open Board Positions –

Al said there are two positions open due to his and Tonya’s completion of their normal three-year terms and one position open to permanently replace the position of the member resigning one year early from his three-year term.

New Business

FAX Phone Number –

Dean mentioned our association FAX line is no longer used or needed. The motion by Larry and seconded by Tim was passed to remove the line and save $30.00 per month.

Sewer System Update –

Some residents are concerned about effluent from their approved and active sewage systems migrating into the groundwater and then into the Deschutes River. General discussion was that an exception to Rule 11 needs to be obtained to remove us from the area-wide rule and ask for our own exemption. Such an exemption to allow for a sewage system was granted to OWW2 after three years of trying.

County commissioner, Tony DeBone suggested we apply for an exemption. Dean thinks the county can be asked to issue a bond measure, or similar, to allow for the work to be done and then paid for by our residents over a 20+-year period.

Mowing Roadsides –

Al mentioned the value of having the grass and weeds alongside our roads as stopping encroachment of vegetation which causes broken road surfaces. Ted Ficker will be called on again this year to mow when he feels it is the best time to do so. Cost is usually about $600.00 according to Tonya. Motion by Dean and seconded by Tonya. Motion Passed.


Al has found an economical source for both “No Shooting”, and “Call Before You Dig”, signs which have been damaged by weather and snowplow blow-by.

Envelope Order –

Al will purchase an additional supply of pre-printed window envelopes for this year’s annual meeting mailing.

Brenda Drive Temporary Lot Residents –

Up to seven vehicles have been seen parked, including two travel trailers, on a lot formerly owned by Donna Farmer and apparently now deeded to her adult daughter. This has become a nuisance in the neighborhood with at least the three times law enforcement have been called out to quell domestic abuse issues and other problems.

A solution is to turn the matter over to the DEQ due to potential waste sewage not being properly disposed of. Tonya objected to taking this step prior to sending a letter to the party on the lot and detailing the suspected violations and giving them time to comply. Al will write and send the letter.

Frost Heave Damage to Heierman Road –

The temporary repair patch to the roadway was completed and cost about $2,300.00. Al toured the area with road contractor, Vic Russell, and road engineer, Bart Gernhart, who outlined a plan to make the repair permanent as possible due to the recurring frost heave issues. Using a metal culvert and topping the area with asphalt instead of Otta seal would cost in the neighborhood of $8,000.00. The decision will be left until the Vic Russell bid has ben entered. Tonya thinks this is not a good idea to spend money on an issue that will possibly repeat itself during the next season of cold weather.

Bookkeeping/Recordkeeping –

Tonya has done a marvelous job of keeping the association books. She has spent many, many volunteer hours and done a yeoman’s job. It is felt the position should now pay her or the associated bookkeeping service she is associated with and have our books done by her and not the voluntary secretary of the board. Due to a conflict of interest, the current board cannot vote on this issue, but recommends Tonya is in the best position to continue our bookkeeping, but as a paid position.

Tonya feels a newer, more robust version of the Quick Books accounting program we currently use is needed, or another brand of accounting software. The newer software version will allow several users to work on the books simultaneously and also allow for mailing address labels to be generated of our members. There is also a need for her to track lot ownership changes within the accounting program. Moved by Dean and seconded by Al. Motion Passed.

Web Site Maintenance –

Dean feels the secretary of the board should be allowed access to the Web site to post minutes of the meetings, and so forth, and to be able to access email in order to check for incoming mail periodically.

Al will request member’s email addresses in this year’s letter re the annual meeting. He will also include a disclaimer of how we will not share or sell their address.

The Annual Meeting is Saturday, August 12, 2017. As usual, Al has contracted with Incredible Events to provide chairs and a sound system. He will divide the costs between the other two associations using the room and equipment on the same day. OWW1 will also donate our usual $100.00 to the La Pine Rural Fire Department for the use of their truck bay.

Meeting adjourned at 10:19 PM

Respectfully submitted,

By Larry McGlocklin, Secretary