OWW1 News – August, 2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a number of restrictions on our movements and activities—especially those regarding group assemblies.  As a result, the OWW 1 Board has decided to cancel this year’s annual meeting, instead providing this letter in order to update owners with information which would otherwise have been aired at that meeting.

Treasurer’s Reoport:

As of 5/29, our bank balances are as follows:

             Checking Account: $22311.63

             Mailbox Account:    $2,017.00

             Certificate of Dep:  $66,178.58


Snow Removal:  Approximately $6000 was spent for snowplowing last winter, which was somewhat less than normal, due to light-than-average snowfall.

Road Repairs:  The Board is currently assessing damage to our roads from last winter’s weather, and will have necessary repairs performed, likely late this summer.  Preliminary reports suggest that these repair costs, like the snowplowing expense, should be lower than in previous years.


Unfortunately, the news about a possible sewer link-up with the OWW 2 Sanitary District’s system is not good.  As of now, the project is on indefinite hold because of insufficient funding.  Even before the pandemic outbreak, it was recognized that the combination of grants and low-interest, long-term loans tentatively available would not be enough to complete the project without saddling residents with unacceptably high monthly fees.  Accordingly, additional sources of grant funding were being sought in order to lower those fees, but then the pandemic hit, with all of the attendant financial drains to all government resources, and frankly all bets were off.  Now, not only were additional funding sources no longer an option, but even the original, insufficient amounts tentatively offered could no longer be depended upon.  Bottom line: we will not be able to move forward with a sewer project until a much-improved economy frees up the needed funding, and that could well be years away.

Contact Information:

In order to expedite contacting property owners should the need arise, such as notification of downed trees or damage (or, as in a recent instance, when absentee owners were unaware that their sprinkler system had failed, forcing a shutdown of their water service), we are asking that owners fill out the Contact Information form accompanying their invoice, and return it, along with their annual dues payment, in the provided envelope.  Either an email address, a phone number, or both, can be supplied, which will enable us to avoid the long delays forced by having to resort to snail-mail communication.  In addition, if a sufficiently large contact list can be compiled, it will make it easier for us to rapidly inform our community about coming events or project.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these and other topics, feel free to email us at contact@oww1.com; we will respond as quickly as possible.