Minutes, Regular Board Meeting – Saturday, March 23, 2019

Meeting was held at Dean Drabin’s Residence

55520 Big River Drive,

Bend, OR 97707

Quorum Present- Yes

Board Members Present- Dean Drabin, Tim Jenning, Bart Gernhart, Doug Patterson

Meeting was called to order  by Dean Drabin at 10:17 a.m.

Old Business:

Dean Drabin and Bart Gernhart provided a brief update of the potential sewer project being considered by the OWW2 Sanitation District.  That project is still being refined.  Grants and low cost loans are being investigated.  It does not appear a complete proposal will be ready to be provided at the OWW1 Annual Meeting in August, 2019, as there are still many complicated items needed to be addressed before they can move forward for a vote.  It appears the vote will be one regarding annexation into the sewer district.  It is more likely that OWW1 will have a special open meeting in 2020, where the OWW2 Sanitation District will be able to share all of the details with us.  A vote of OWW1 property owners would occur some time after that meeting.

New Business:

Dean and Bart provided an overview on costs.  The feasibility study for the OWW2 Sanitation District’s project to connect OWW1 to the existing treatment facility was completely paid for with a grant at a cost of over $20,000.  The grant is more or less exhausted, and now there is a need, as mentioned above, to refine the details of the proposal, pursue additional funding sources to reduce costs of OWW1’s connection, and meet other numerous need of OWW1 if the proposal is to move forward.  OWW1 has 355 lots; OWW2 has just under 1000 lots.  Dean and Bart proposed to the Board to fund a portion of the costs to refine the details, continue to pursue grant and loan options, and to pay for the consultant to attend meeting(s) to provide OWW1 property owners with answers to their questions.  Bart proposed OWW1 contributing 40% of the costs for this work, up to a maximum of $2000.  The Board voted unanimously to support this proposal.

Dean raised the issue of our savings for sealing our roads in the future.  Our last seal was done in the fall of 2015.  Several residents objected to the type of seal that was done, which was a less expensive process than a normal chip seal.  Bart noted the County and other larger municipalities perform a chip seal with pre-coated rock.  This is even more expensive than a normal chip seal, but does not involve as much loose, flying rock, nor the dust associated with other types of chip seal.  He did not recommend this pre-coated treatment on our roads, but was just listing it as another option.  Dean and Bart pointed out that if we want a different, more expensive option than the one used in 2015, we will need to increase our dues to accumulate the funds needed to pay for it.  An increase of $25, to a total of $100 per lot per year, was discussed.  Doug suggested that we bring this up at our Annual Meeting in August to get feedback from OWW1 members before finalizing an increase.  The Board agreed.  A notice discussing this concept will be included with this year’s dues invoices, going out in June.

Treasurer’s Report:

Doug Patterson provided the following summary of our accounts:

Regular Checking                         $22,211.93

Mail Box Account                         $1,197.31

Certificate of Deposit                   $64,985.69